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Country Kennel

  • 2750 Egg Harbor Rd, Lindenwold, New Jersey
  • Phone: (856) 784-4559 - Phone 2: (215) 228-6364
4.5000 Star Rating
4.5000 out of 5

Based on 2 reviews.

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Barbara Gallagher:

I am really surprised by the comment above. We havve been using Country Kennel for over 10 years and all of our dogs are rescues. Country Kennel is very strict about dogs being healthy and having all the required shots so as not to expose other dogs to any illnesses. I have a feeling that maybe the dog did not have the required shots or was ill,


Contated Country Kennel to board a pup, was told there was availablity and when I indicated we are working with a rescue and fostering the dog that came from NYC, we were then told 2 minutes later, "Oh, we made a mistake, we actually don't have room!!" When I then said, 'you had room 2 minutes ago but now that it is a rescue dog from NY you have no room?" The response was, "we are just concerned a... view full comment

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